Frequently Asked Questions (and troubleshooting) #

Can I use Hugo Cite in my Hugo project now? #

Yes! (Although still in beta.) However, be aware that APA is currently the only style partially supported.

Which types of publication are supported? #

Hugo Cite currently supports (in beta) these types of publication:

  • book
  • book chapter
  • article (or journal article)
  • website

If the type of work (e.g. a thesis) is not supported, Hugo Cite will fall back a generic APA scheme, similar to the book type.

Some APA fields are not displayed per the APA spec. #

Not all types of publication are supported yet, as well as many technical variants (e.g. a republished book). Please feel free to open an issue to pin-point what should be improved.

Can I use other bibliography formats such as BiBTeX instead of CSL-JSON? #

No. The only format supported is JSON, which must follow the CSL-JSON spec.

This is an open source project, where can I find the code? #

The code is hosted in a GitHub repository.

After using the bibliography shortcode, my Hugo build fails. #

This is likely because a bibliography file was not found, or becuase you did not specify the path to a JSON file. If you place your bib.json next to index.md in a leaf bundle, you can omit specifying a path.

If you do not use leaf bundles, you must specify the path, either in the front-matter of the page with the bibFile param or directly in the shortcode. In both cases, the path must be relative to the Hugo project root (not the content root).

I want to report a bug or request a new feature #

Open a ticket on the GitHub repo. Feedback welcome!

Do I need to credit you if I use Hugo Cite in my projects? #

No. You just do what the fuck you want to (although it is recommended to link back to the original project, should you need to keep track of updates).