Hugo Cite #

📝 Easily manage your bibliography and in-text citations with Hugo, the popular static-site generator.

Features #

  • Simple, flexible shortcodes for usage in your Hugo content files.
  • No programming skills required.
  • In-text citations that link to complete references.
  • Rich, semantic HTML embedded microdata.
  • i18n ready.
  • CSL-JSON as standard input.
  • Works with both local files or URLs.

Install #

Plugin-style installation, easy to update.

Start here →

Usage #

Display a bibliography using a simple shortcode:

{{< bibliography path/to/bib.json >}}

Render an in-text citation with this other shortcode:

{{< cite MaxPlanck1901 16-22 >}}

More usage examples →

Demo #

Check out a working demo →

License #